Wednesday 11 February 2009

Open Office 3 Tip - Open / Save Dialogs

At work we are looking at Open Office 3 as a replacement for Microsoft Office 2003. We have just started to look at how we can create a customised install for OO3. Things that we will need to change are default file paths, no required registration and no updates by users along with a few other options.

We have found that if you change the default file save and open paths it will only affect OO3 if the open and save dialogs are set to Open Office Dialogs rather than the default operating system dialogs.
The way to change the default dialogs in OO3 is to go to the following path and tick the box that says 'Use OpenOffice dialogs'

Tools>Options>OOo>General>Open/Save dialogs

Once this is set, any settings applied to the path of file locations will apply to Open Office 3.

Please leave a comment if you are currently using OO3 in the enterprise and let me know what you think

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