Tuesday 3 July 2012

Access 2000 web page showing HTTP 500 internal server error

We had to move our web server to a new Windows 2008 R2 server.

Everything copied over ok using Web Deploy to copy over IIS settings.

We had a problem with a website that had an Access 2000 backend database.

  • Connection issues
  • HTTP 500 internal server errror


Connection issues

Firstly it wouldn't connect at all. We found that this was due to the Win 2008 not having the correct Jet drivers. (It has changed to ACE).

HTTP 500 internal server errror

The next issue was that some pages were showing Server 500 errors when users clicked on them. It looked to be when users were trying to modify the database. In one case the issue was due to the database file becoming read only when it was moved to the new server. and in the other case it was because the lock file (.ldb) file had been copied over with the main database file. Once the lock file was deleted it all started to work as it should.

Hope this saves people some time