Wednesday 1 July 2009

AutoFTP - Automatic FTP file upload application

One of my clients required an easy way of uploading a folder full of files periodically. So I created AutoFTP.

Download AutoFTP here.


What is it?
AutoFTP is a windows XP or above application that allows adhoc or scheduled uploading of files from a local source to an FTP server folder. AutoFTP requires the use of windows built in Schedule Task program to enable scheduled uploads.

Simply download AutoFTP and extract the zip file to a location on your computer. The folder has three files in it.


To start the program click on AutoFTP.exe. AutoFTP.ini is a configuration file and log.txt has log entries every time the program is run.

How does it work?
Simply enter your ftp hosts address, your ftp username and password, the path to your local file store, the path to your remote files. Tick auto start if you want to automatically start the upload process when AutoFTP is started or leave auto start unticked if you want to do ad hoc uploads.

For ad hoc uploads simply click on 'Upload Data'.

In auto mode, AutoFTP will silently upload data as soon as it is started and then automatically close. To disable auto mode you will have to edit the the configaration file called AutoFTP.ini . All setting can be changed in the configuration file. The property called 'Automagic' should be set to 0 (zero) to disable auto mode.

Please note:
The source folder can only contain files. If it contains sub folders then AutoFTP will not work. I am working on solution to this issue and will post and update when I have a solution.

Please leave comments if you are using AutoFTP or if you have any problems with the application

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