Sunday, 14 June 2009

Tip - Shutdown Windows from Remote Desktop session

6 May - Time to go..
By default windows xp only allows Remote Desktop session to 'Log off' or 'Disconnect'.

I normally remote desktop onto my main machine from a laptop and then do my work on my main machine. I often need to restart or shutdown my main machine. Being lazy, I always want to restart from my remote session rather than having to go upstairs just to shutdown the man computer.

I have found that I can close all my applications then then press ALT+F4 to bring up the shutdown prompt in order to shutdown or restart my computer.

The other way to shutdown or restart from a remote session is to right click on the taskbar and choose 'Task Manager' from the popup menu. Then choose Shutdown -> Shutdown or Shutdown -> Restart from the menu bar.

Hope this helps someone be lazy!

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