Wednesday 21 January 2009

Apps I can't live without 2009 edition ...

… or more appropriately, Apps I would find it difficult without

  1. Firefox

Google Chrome looks like a good product. However it is still in Beta and it was slow when plug in’s were involved. i.e. Flash.

For me Firefox still rules because of it’s speed, live bookmarks and it’s cross platformness (is this a word?). Although IE7 is a big improvement on IE6 (sorry for swearing!!) it still isn't as slick as Firefox

  1. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! has been in trouble recently, but they have an excellent mail application that displays everything just the way I like it (panes). It’s spam detection is very good. Google Mail is very good but I prefer the layout of Yahoo! Mail although it can be abit slow sometimes. I have had my yahoo email address since I was 15 (hence sugi007) and used it on and off until 2003 when I made a conscience disision to use it exculsively. I also have a google mail account which I forward onto Yahoo! Mail. (Good feature from Google). So I maybe hedging my bets for the future.

  1. Delphi 2007 / Visual Studio 2005

My main development consists of using Delphi 2007 and Visual Studio 2005 (C#). Main reasons for using Delphi would be minimal prerequisites, the clientdataset, speed of development / deploying and running. Main reasons for using C# are that you need to have C# in your skill set and it’s the standard technology at work.

  1. YouTube

Whether I’m trying to entertain the kids, looking for a tutorial or just bored. YouTube usually comes to the rescue.

  1. Sql Server Management Studio

It is the one place where I can go to query, integrate and lookafter at all my database / reporting apps.

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