Thursday 30 September 2010

[Software] Wake on Lan - Magic Packet

Over the past month we have had a lot of problems setting up some some software that included integrated Wake on LAN. The software wouldn't wake any of our computers up even though the computers BOIS settings were correctly set to enable Wake on LAN.

During this time I was inspired to create my own Wake on LAN (WOL) programme so that I could prove that our network wasn't to blame for the computers not waking up.

WOL Magic Packet v.1 Download Here

WOL - Magic Packet has the following features

  • Send Wake on LAN packets to a number of computers at the same time by using computer MAC addresses.
  • Retrieve computer MAC addresses by supplying a range of ip addresses. The start and finish ip address must be in the same ip subnet. i.e. Both should have the same first three numbers.
  • Save and retrieve lists of computer MAC addresses to a text for later use
  • Run saved MAC address lists from the command line by using the format
WOLMagicPacket.exe [path to list of mac addresses file]

Please let me know what you think about this.


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