Thursday 22 April 2010

[Tip] Use GMail to sign up to Web Apps multiple times with same email account

Gmail 512px - See description for downloadI needed to sign up to Twitter for a website I helped develop. I have already set up multiple twitter accounts and used email addresses that I regularly use.

I was looking for a way of using the same email for multiple twitter accounts and found a link which explained that google email considers and as the same address.

Straight away that gives you a two for one deal on your google email. It doesn't end there. Google email addresses also ignore dots (.) when emails are sent to them. So is considered the same as So all variations will end up in the same google mailbox

There are many applications for this feature including spam control however for me it makes it a lot simpler when signing up for web applications like twitter where your email address has to be unique for each account.

Hope this helps someone.

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