Friday 6 November 2009

Create ICA files (The easy way)

Citrix Splash Screen
At work we sometimes need to give users access to programs that are installed on a subset of the Citrix servers. We have always done this by creating an ICA file of the application.

The usual procedure was:

  • Log onto Citrix Web Interface browse to the correct application
  • Right click on the application icon
  • Click 'Save Target'
  • Save the ica file somewhere it can be found.
  • Open the ica file in notepad
  • Edit the line that say removeicafile=yes to removeicafile=no (so that the file isn't deleted after the first run).
  • And finally run the application

In XenApp it is a bit easier.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Open Access Management Console
  • Drill down to the application, fro which, you want to create ICA file.
  • Right click on the application icon
  • Choose All Tasks -> Create ICA file.
  • In the box that appears un tick the check box (if internal connection) and browse to a file location to save the file.

This file will be ready to deploy to the user.

Hope this helps someone.

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