Sunday 15 March 2009

SQL Server 2005 Profiler Tip

Was at a course last week and found a tip that I didn't know about before.

So I thought I should share it.

Before SQL Server 2005 the only way to compare Profiler logs and System Resource Logs (Performance Logs) was to put them side by side and then manually try to match up events. This was frustrating and annoying.

Now with SQL Server 2005 a new feature exists in Profiler 2005 that allows you to import performance logs into profiler. You can import logs by going to File -> Import Performance Data.

When the log is imported you can navigate the log by either clicking on entries in the SQL Profiler Trace or by clicking on points on the performance log graph. Both ways will synchronise the logs so that they show the system event when a sql event happened or the sql event happening at a system event.

Please note that you may have to restart Profiler if Import Performance Data is greyed out

More information can be found at MSSQLTips.

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