Tuesday 2 September 2008

SQL Server 2000 versions and build numbers

At work we had to complete restore a database server from backups.

We were having a problem with the master database not restoring.

The build number of the old system was different to the new system so the master database restore failed.

The error message stated that the backup master table was created on build number 134219778 and the current system was on 134218546. I didn't know what these numbers related in terms of service packs or hot fixes so I searched for these numbers. Only a few results came back which were of no use. Finally got the database up and running by using following query to find ou the current build of the server

select @@microsoftversion

This gave me the build number I was looking for. Luckily we had another server which had the same build number (134219778). this was on SP4 + hotfix 2050. When i installed SP4 + hotfix 2050 the master database restored correctly.

Here is a list of sql server versions and the build number they collorate to.

134218546 = SP3a
1342197 = SP4
134219778 = SP4 + Hotfix 2050.

Hope this helps someone

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